Partnership between Sabadell and Catalonia Trade & Investment

Sabadell is partnering public agency Catalonia Trade & Investment to attract new investment to the city

Sabadell City Council and the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce have met with key officials from ACCIÓ’s Catalonia Trade & Investment, the Government of Catalonia agency which seeks to attract foreign direct investment to Barcelona and Catalonia. The preliminary meeting at the Can Roqueta Industrial Business Centre was followed by a tour of Sabadell to showcase the city as an appealing, innovative and competitive business location.

“We’re promoting Sabadell as a vibrant city open to new investment,” says Montse González, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Administrative Support. “There are lots of reasons for this such as our location in one of the leading industrial areas in Catalonia and Spain, which in turn benefits from being close to Barcelona as an advantage that enables us to generate economies of scale with a metropolitan scope.”

Sabadell City Council has drawn up an investment attraction plan and is putting in place a programme to welcome and support new business investment. The Catalonia Trade & Investment visit is part of the commitment to work together with stakeholders such as the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce to promote the city and attract new companies which generate wealth, added value and jobs.

“Sabadell is working hard to increase its attractiveness and reach,” adds Montse González. “Knowledge projects, upgrading business parks, setting up a quality seal for economic activity areas and rolling out sustainability schemes in businesses including driving photovoltaic facilities and energy communities are just some of the things we have underway. All of this means that Sabadell is becoming a more competitive city with its own personality. It is also shifting towards economic development that looks to a future which involves smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as advocated by the EU.”

The city is home to seven business parks and the latest figures show it hosts 5,094 workplaces and 69,102 jobs.

Catalonia Trade & Investment

Catalonia Trade & Investment was set up in 1985 as the ACCIÓ unit operating out of its Barcelona headquarters and through ACCIÓ’s 40 Foreign Trade and Investment Offices around the world. Catalonia Trade & Investment’s mission is to help new multinationals invest in Catalonia while encouraging those already established in the country to expand and reinvest. This includes promoting Catalonia abroad, jointly drawing up bids for companies to invest in Catalonia, wide-ranging advice throughout the investment process and follow-up once it has been completed.