Why Sabadell?



Why Sabadell?

Now is the time to look at Sabadell; a vibrant, competitive city which is open to new investment. For many reasons, the answer is Sabadell.

Sabadell is trending.

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David Matanzas

AIRK Drones

Sabadell is a great city for doing business. The City Council has lots of programmes to help entrepreneurs such as the Cafè Aventura and the Technology and Innovation Forum, which are two fantastic venues to raise your profile and network with other companies. It also runs mentoring programmes and business centres with outstanding facilities and at a very affordable price.

Rubèn Celada - Sònia Miró

Playoff Informática

You can be a digital start-up with a global vision in a city like Sabadell, which has all the services, is a great place to live and hosts a vibrant and cutting-edge business community.

A few years ago you had to be physically present in Barcelona because of its exceptional position as a business city and direct contact with customers.

Now, and even more so in a digital business such as Playoff, it makes no difference whether we are based in Barcelona or Sabadell. That’s because this physical proximity to the customer is no longer needed since with digital we’ve bridged physical distances; we can be talking to a customer in Sabadell, in La Paz in Bolivia, in a town in the Basque Country or in Guatavita in Colombia.

Antonio Mabelle

Disme Group

The fact that we are based in the Barcelona metropolitan area and its industrial belt is crucial for a company like ours. This is especially so because apart from our in-house raw material processing operations, we also have lots of external partners in alternative and local processes.

Sabadell is a well-positioned city in which to set up a business. Its closeness to Barcelona with its port and airport and the nearby Mediterranean corridor are key factors.

Josep Maria Sainz

Anubis Cosmetics

There are a lot of resources in Sabadell and we don’t usually have any trouble in recruiting talent. We have staff from all over Catalonia because Sabadell’s location is exceptional and people can get here very easily.

It’s close to Barcelona which also helps us because the Catalan capital is a world icon which enables new customers to quickly find out where we are. Plus it’s an attractive city which encourages customers and new contacts to come here to see us.



Sabadell’s location, services and communications make it easy to start up a business, especially if you’re in the textile industry where Sabadell is a market leader. As we’re based in Sabadell we get all the advantages of not being in a big city, especially in terms of costs, and we are also close to our suppliers.

Manuel Medrán

Cansaladeria Medran

Sabadell is a great city. Sometimes the people who live here don’t rate ourselves highly enough, but we are a city with drive, with an enterprising attitude. It’s a city which is a touchstone for many people in the county who come here to work, to shop, to enjoy the city. It is also a great city to live in. Our parents, the founders of Cansaladeries Medrán, chose our city to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, which is ours too. And it was a momentous decision. We are proud to be from Sabadell, to live in the city and to bring wealth and human quality to its neighbourhoods.

Xavier Bombardó


We are a textile firm and Sabadell has a long-standing textile culture. There is knowledge about the sector, we have training facilities such as the ESDi who we work with, and also organisations such as the Manufacturers’ Association, the Industry Foundation and Texfor who support us.

Yes, we work with local suppliers and lots of them have been with us for many years. We are moving forward together.

Pol Ros Vidiella


Being based in Sabadell has helped us when looking for staff because its excellent links with the Barcelona metropolitan area and other major towns such as Terrassa, Cerdanyola and Sant Cugat del Vallès makes it easier for them to get to us by public transport.

I think Sabadell is a great place to work because in a much smaller radius than in a big city you have the same amenities. After all, you have neighbourhoods where there are small shops, business parks and also areas hosting big-box stores.

Sandra Llabrés


We have the university’s facilities close by which has allowed us to keep in touch with academia and we have taken on interns to give them and us new opportunities.

In our case, both of us Gestió TIC partners are from Sabadell by adoption, one from Barcelona and the other from Menorca. As Sabadell is a versatile city, it has all kinds of resources to cater for every professional and personal need. So for all these reasons we have made it our home.